Society for the preservation of humanity

Key words:

To care for and preserve:
This is a call for consciously humanitarian behaviour in the area of personal and interpersonal relationships.

  1. Awareness raising and reinstatement of human values.
  2. Care for and maintenance of these.
  3. Putting them into practice.
  4. Creation of suitable structures for the definition of the society’s goals and activities.
  5. Developing these further through discussion and networking, to avoid stagnation and to promote continual growth of the enterprise.

It is hoped that this movement will become international; that links will be created to similar groups in other countries such as exist at present with Croatia, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovenia. There should be continual expansion.

Considering the fact that there are societies working for the prevention of cruelty to animals or in nature conservation, we should be aware that at the same time we have failed to create anything similar for humans. If we were to treat animals in the way we sometimes treat humans, then animal rights activists would immediately sue us for cruelty or torture.